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Anton Burdasov: "Our young players will progress"

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA forward Anton Burdasov:

- It was a good series. We gave CSKA too much of an advantage, I don't know why that happened. We tried to make a comeback, even if everyone knew that it would be tough to execute against these opponents. Thank you to all of our fans for the support.

- Why did SKA's powerplay go wrong in this series?

- Our powerplay improved towards the end of the regular season, but it really didn't work at all during this series against CSKA Moscow. We will look into why this happened, special teams decide the outcome of matches in the playoffs.

- Did you try to improve your powerplay against CSKA?

- CSKA are a good, intelligent team, they closed our powerplay and their goalkeeper was solid. We did have video briefings with regard to our powerplay tactics.

- Was this a good season for SKA?

- Of course, we're not satisfied now, our goal was to win the Gagarin Cup and the level of our team allowed for us to challenge for the title. We have young players, though, they will progress.

Anton Burdasov: "Our young players will progress"

- How did Magnus Hellberg feel after the two conceded goals?

- To be honest, Magnus kept us in the game during the first period with his saves, he gave us a chance to score goals. No one can blame him at all, mistakes are a part of the game. We support him, he was excellent in the two matches which we won and made lots of big stops today.

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