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Arseniy Khatsey: "The adrenaline blocked my nerves"

Dinamo MinskArseniy KhatseySKA - Dinamo Minsk
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- Sum up today's game.

- Firstly, I am very satisfied with the result as the team won. All the guys did a good job and tried. We'll continue in the same vein.

- Did you not get very nervous before the match? It was your competitive debut.

- Yes, there were some nerves. Nevertheless after the first shift it got better, and the adrenaline blocked everything out.

- When did you get told that you were going to play?

- A few days ago.

- Before the season began?

- No, a couple of days back.

- What did Andrei Nazarov say before the game?

- That will remain a secret.

Arseniy Khatsey: "The adrenaline blocked my nerves"

- Do the players knows that they need to score more than two goals in a home match?

- We always need to try and score more. Today however two goals was enough to win.

- Was it a special tactic to prevent Dinamo from pulling their goaltender in the final minutes?

- No. We simply tried to keep our tempo up and keep playing our game. I think that we managed to do that, and we fought until the end.

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