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Arseniy Koromyslov and Marat Khusnutdinov speak after playing Sibir

SKA - Sibir - 230920Arseniy KoromyslovMarat Khusnutdinov

Arseniy Koromyslov:

- What is the main difference between the KHL and MHL?

- The KHL players have more quality than us at the moment. For half of our players this was the first KHL match, but we didn't look out of place. We are in the first team to progress.

- When did you find out that you were going to play today?

- I found out five hours before the game. We all had great desire to display our potential and help the team

- What is the target for the match against Ak Bars Kazan on Friday?

- We were nervous for this game, but it will be different on Friday, we will compete in a more professional manner.

- In terms of your physical condition, how tough is it to compete in the KHL?

- There is no difference in comparison to the MHL. The main thing was to move out of own zone successfully, in the MHL we are used to pinning the opponents in defence. Is it dangerous to compete against experienced players? Yes, I am only 16 years of age, but I am happy with my physical form. I tried to land hits on the opponents.

- Lev Berdichevsky and Albert Leshchev from SKA-1946 were on the bench.

- The fact that they were there really helped us, the guys are used to playing under their guidance in the KHL so that was great. It ensured that we were calm.

- You are the youngest player in history to play for SKA in the KHL.

- Of course, that is nice, but I don't want to celebrate that. I was told after the game finished.

- Did the coaches ask you to join the rush?

- They didn't say anything about that. Personally, I wanted to play well in defence, that is my main task. The hits against the opponents helped us settle.

Arseniy Koromyslov and Marat Khusnutdinov speak after playing Sibir

Marat Khusnutdinov:

- What is the main difference between the KHL and MHL?

- Today we showed that we can compete at this level, but we are lacking experience. All of the guys fought until the end. In comparison to the MHL, the pace of the game is higher in the KHL, and players are more intelligent.

- How did the first Sibir goal affect you?

- This is ice hockey, these things happen. The players and coaches made sure that it didn't get to me.

- Roman Rotenberg was on the bench today.

- He motivated us during the match, giving us tips. Just like the other coaches, he helped the team.

- When did you know that you were going to play in this match?

- A lot of us found this out yesterday. The coaches told us not to worry, stating that Sibir have the same people on the ice, there's nothing to be afraid of. We felt calm.

- You are a candidate to participate at the 2021 World Junior Championship.

- This experience will help me, that's for sure. I felt what it's like to compete against senior players. It was unforgettable.

- What result do you want to achieve against Ak Bars?

- The only goal we have is victory! We can't aim just to take the match into overtime, we want to win. We will analyse our mistakes and try to take advantage of our opportunities to score. If that happens, everything will be fine. We are focused on the opponents.

- Physically, how did it feel to play in the KHL?

- We trained in the summer in order to spend a lot of time on the ice during matches. Our physical training coach is helping us, and I don't think that we were weaker than Sibir in terms of our fitness and strength.

- Lev Berdichevsky and Albert Leshchev from SKA-1946 were on the bench. Did that help you?

- It was really nice to have them there, they know all of us really well. It made us feel at ease.

- Was it dangerous to play against senior players in a competitive game?

- The main thing is to be mentally prepared. If you are worried about getting injured, then that will happen. Both senior and junior players receive injuries, it's a part of the sport.

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