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Artyom Zemchyonok: "The guys allowed me to score into the empty net"

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- Your impressions from the match against Kunlun Red Star?

- It wasn't a smooth game, maybe it was because we hadn't played for an entire week and we wanted to perform well in front of our own supporters. It was a bit messy, but in the third period, we started scoring our goals and put the pressure on the opponents. I felt nervous, it was my first match in Saint Petersburg as a SKA player.

- Congratulations with your first SKA goal.

- Thank you, but pre-season goals don't really give you anything. It's a nice bonus for me that I scored.

- Did you want to score against Ivan Nalimov?

- Well, when I scored, it was an empty net. The main thing is that the team won. For me goal, the guys handed me the opportunity to slide the puck into the goal, I simply had to hit the target.

- It was a difficult match for SKA at first.

- Yes, but we calmed down in the third period.

Artyom Zemchyonok: "The guys allowed me to score into the empty net"

- Are you still tired after the training camps?

- Yes, we travelled back from Finland and continued training here. However, that will soon wear off and the pace of matches will increase.

- Should Kazan be afraid of SKA?

- Of course!

- What are your feelings on this tournament?

- There's only just over a week before the KHL, in the first match we will play a big rival - Ak Bars Kazan. It will be a huge test and the small details have to be right. It's important to start the campaign well.

- After playing with Admiral Vladivostok, how do you feel in Saint Petersburg?

- The time difference there actually started to really take its toll towards the end of the year. I'm enjoying myself here.

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