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Artyom Zub: "We have to be more careful"

PlayoffsLokomotivSKA - Lokomotiv - 230317
HC SKA press-service

- Was it difficult playing after a long break?

- Lokomotiv had a break too, even if it was a bit shorter. Maybe it took its toll. We will prepare for the next game, we have to be more careful and not let them have so many counterattacks. It's good that we won today.

- SKA conceded four goals at equal strength.

- They counterattacked against us after we committed too many bodies to attack. That's why we let those goals in.

- Personally, you are having a lot of chances to score. Why isn't it happening?

- I don't know, something is lacking. Wait for it and believe in me. Hopefully, the puck will eventually go in.

Artyom Zub: "We have to be more careful"

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