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Artyom Zub: "We needed to play with full concentration"

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HC SKA press-service

- There weren't many goals today.

- It was a good game against a strong opponent. In tough matches like this one, every moment can decide the outcome, you have to play with full concentration, if not more carefully. Both teams fought for every inch of ice today.

- Avangard did register 20 shots on target, but not very many of them were dangerous.

- Every shot and deflection can be dangerous. You have to always be careful, focused and not give them an opportunity to shoot and pounce on the rebound.

- Your thoughts before overtime?

- We wanted to win.

- Are these matches more tiring than the games with a lot of goals?

- Personally, emotionally and physically these matches are more challenging, it was like a playoff game.

Artyom Zub: "We needed to play with full concentration"

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