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Artyom Zub: "I will keep the puck at home"

Artyom ZubSKA - Jokerit - 120918
HC SKA press-service

- Congratulations with your first SKA goal.

- Thank you. The puck dropped to me and I smacked it in.

- Has the weight been taken off your shoulders?

- Yes, but I didn't play well after my goal.

- Where will you keep the puck?

- I'll put it on the ceiling so I can keep looking at it.

- Why did SKA keep conceding after scoring goals?

- We were losing concentration, losing control of possession and taking penalties. For Jokerit's third goal, I made a mistake and was to blame. We lacked focus for the entire 60 minutes. If we improve this, everything will be fine.

- You aren't guaranteed a place in the line-up with so many players. Does this give you extra motivation?

- Our job is to play. When the coach trusts you, we all have to stick to the game plan and try our best.

- Is it good or bad to have 12 defensemen on one team?

- I can't be the judge of that.

- Why did Jokerit play with the initiative?

- Throughout the entire game, they continued dumping the puck deep in our zone and we failed to clear it. They pinned us in our zone.

Artyom Zub: "I will keep the puck at home"

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