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Artyom Zub speaks about the victory against Neftekhimik

NeftekhimikArtyom ZubSKA - Neftekhimik - 171017
HC SKA press-service

- The score is large, but it was a tough game.

- The main thing is that we won, so everyone is in a good mood.

- For the defensemen, what was the most difficult thing today?

- They dumped the puck in our zone a lot, their players played aggressively. For us, the main thing was to move out from our zone.

- Was this match the most energy sapping in recent times?

- I wouldn't say that. Before this match, the other games took pace at the same pace. That's what I feel anyway.

- You have started shooting more.

- I would like to hit the target too.

- Do you need a rest before playing Jokerit?

- When you play five consecutive games, it's always nice to have a day's rest. We need to improve.

Artyom Zub speaks about the victory against Neftekhimik

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