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Artyom Zub: "We improved in the second period"

SlovanArtyom ZubSKA - Slovan - 230817
HC SKA press-service

- This is your second season as a SKA player. How do you feel?

- I have got used to the team, the guys, the facilities and the city. I feel comfortable.

- Does this mean that you can now attempt shots on goal?

- I need to shoot, score and make danger on the opposing crease.

- Have you been given a task of scoring?

- For the second goal today, I was given a good pass. I had the chance to shoot.

- After SKA scored the first goal, the whole game changed?

- The first period was tough, but we improved and got the result.

- Do Slovan play a more physical style of game than CSKA Moscow?

- Yes, and they have some big players. It was a physical match today.

Artyom Zub: "We improved in the second period"

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