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Artyom Zub: "We are thinking about the KHL playoffs"

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- It was a good game. I am happy that we completed the regular season on this note.

- It seemed that SKA managed to change the game in the second period.

- I wouldn't say that we changed anything special, we continued to compete in the same manner. Taking into account that they are playing at home, maybe they started with more aggressive than us. However, we calmly moved out of our own zone.

- SKA won 12 consecutive matches at the end of the KHL regular season.

- We're hungry for the Gagarin Cup playoffs. Each game is a new story. We're only thinking about the playoffs, the most important matches are around the corner.

- Can we say that SKA are in optimal form?

- It's hard to play perfectly, but we are trying.

- Will you choose opponents for the first round of the playoffs?

- I don't like to do that. I'm not looking at the table. In order to become champions, we need to beat everyone. We will rest and then begin preparations for the post-season.

- You tallied a lot of points in the regular season?

- Maybe it's because I received more time on the ice. I tried hard and I'm satisfied that I gained so many points. In the summer, I had trained well. Nevertheless, the forwards should be the leading scorers, and all of us began scoring towards the end of the regular season.

Artyom Zub: "We are thinking about the KHL playoffs"

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