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Avangard - SKA. Press-conference

Press-conferenceAvangardIlya VorobyovAvangard - SKA - 040219
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Ilya Vorobyov:

- Avangard were more fresh after having a break. In the first period, we had a powerplay which we should have taken advantage of. Our poor powerplay performance is the main reason behind our defeat.

- How are Dinar Khafizullin and Alexei Byvaltsev?

- Alexei has lost some teeth. I'm not a doctor so I can't say what happened. Concussion? They both left the game so it's clear that there are problems.

- Half of your defensemen are injured.

- Hopefully, this will improve after the break.

- This is the first time in the KHL when SKA failed to score in two successive matches?

- We finished this road trip with two tough matches. The first two, which were against Metallurg Magnitogorsk and Barys, were good, but here we couldn't repeat that success. We will work on how we finish our opportunities.

Avangard - SKA. Press-conference

HC Avangard Omsk head coach Bob Hartley:

- Our discipline was very important. Today, the was that we killed a five minute long SKA powerplay. Starting from Igor Bobkov to the guys who were on the penalty kill, everyone did a great job. We minimalised the amount of chances for SKA, who are a very strong, talented team. I am proud of the guys and they deserve credit.

- Avangard seemed to play in a rough manner with lots of checks to the head. Was this a task given to your players?

- Seriously? Do you really think that we wanted to hit their players in the head? Take a look at the video concerning Nikita Pivtsakin's penalty before asking a question like that. Alongside SKA, we are the cleanest team in the KHL.

- Jose Mourinho slipped over at the ceremonial faceoff.

- It's a shame because he could have received a serious injury. However, overall, it's great that we managed to speak. He was at our morning training session and we enjoyed our time together. Considering the results which we have acheived, it was a great experience. At international level, he helped his teams win and it's wonderful that we had the chance to meet.

- Was this Avangard's best match of the season?

- It was a complete game from our team. We were solid on the penalty kill, scored on the powerplay, the goalkeeper was reliable and all aspects worked well. This match was close to perfect.

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