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Avtomobilist - SKA. Press-conference

Press-conferenceOleg ZnarokAvtomobilist - SKA - 271217
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Oleg Znarok:

- I congratulate Vladimir Krikunov with the victory. It was a good match for the fans. We made mistakes, but the chances which were there couldn't be capitalised on. It was a level match in terms of penalty minutes. We will now prepare for the next game.

HC Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg head coach Vladimir Krikunov:

- We had too much motivation for this game in the first period, we were nervous and didn't play with confidence. Things got better in the second frame. Nevertheless, we conceded cheap goals. Jakub Kovar saved us, SKA had 30 shots on target after 40 minutes. The guys started to fight in the second period, it's good that we won because it was difficult in the final moments.

- Is Francis Pare ok? He left the ice?

- I think so, but it will become clear tomorrow.

- Who would you point out in this team?

- Anatoly Golyshev played well.

Avtomobilist - SKA. Press-conference

- Francis Pare is playing well with Anatoly Golyshev. Will anything change when Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau returns?

- Let's wait and see.

- You scored four goals. Did you need to play SKA to find the net again?

- We lost to Riga and Ugra, two teams at the bottom of the table. Everything depends on the mindset. When you take your foot off the gas, you pay for it, all teams have practically the same amount of quality.

- Have you got enough energy left for the match with Dynamo Moscow?

- We will see on Friday.

- Are you satisfied with the faceoff performance?

- Overall, yes. Everyone had the right mindset today, SKA are well ahead in first place. We need points.

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