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Avtomobilist - SKA. Match facts

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HC SKA press-service

In his 343rd SKA match, Ilya Kovalchuk made it 350 (153+197) points with our club. He is the 12th KHL player to reach this landmark in 10 seasons.

Patrick Thoresen made his 250th SKA appearance, now owning 212 (83+129) points.

Yegor Rykov has competed in 100 KHL regular season match. So far, he boasts 21 (1+20) points.

Nikita Gusev is the top scorer in games between Avtomobilist and SKA in the KHL, overtaking Viktor Tikhonov and Patrick Thoresen who scored four against Avtomobilist. Nikita is SKA's fifth player to score two goals in both games against one opponent during a KHL season.

Czech goalkeeper Jakub Kovar played a full match against SKA for the first time as an Avtomobilist player. Previously, he had been changed twice and entered the ice during one other game.

Avtomobilist - SKA. Match facts

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