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Avtomobilist - SKA. Match facts

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19-year-old forward Maxim Groshev, who scored his first SKA marker in Yekaterinburg against Avtomobilist, became the 39th player to register a point for our team in the 2020/2021 KHL regular season and the 29th to tally a goal. Both of these statistics are new club records.

One goalkeeper, 12 defensemen and 26 forwards have gained at least one point for SKA this season in the KHL. This is the first campaign when more than 24 forwards have registered a point for our senior team in competitive matches.

Maxim became the 21st SKA forward to score a goal in the 2020/2021 KHL season.

Fellow forward Andrei Kuzmenko now boasts 100 (44+56) points for SKA in 166 KHL games. He has picked up a point in matches with 23 of the 24 opponents which he has competed against, with Metallurg Magnitogorsk being the exception.

74 (32+42) of Andrei's 100 points have been earned at equal strength and 26 (12+14) on the powerplay. 54 (25+29) have been gained at home and 46 (19+27) on the road.

Andrei is the 23rd SKA player to earn a minimum of 100 KHL points.

Avtomobilist - SKA. Match facts

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