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Barys - SKA. Press-conference

BarysPress-conferenceIlya VorobyovBarys - SKA - 310119
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Ilya Vorobyov:

- It as a tough, physical match against Barys. This will help both teams ahead of the KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs.

- How is David Rundblad?

- It was a bad collision. He doesn't feel great. The doctors will assess the situation.

HC Barys Astana head coach Andrei Skabelka:

- It was an excellent match. At times, we struggled, but overall, the team played really well. The movement was great and we played well enough to pick up at least one point. Nevertheless, that didn't happen, and we will now prepare for the next match. I want to thank the fans for their support, it was fanatstic throughout the entire game.

- Did Barys have time to recover after a tough schedule?

- I tried to say something after the last game. We can't talk about the referees and other topics, otherwise we will be penalised. I'm not trying to make excuses, but it's strange to have matches every two days when you have to fly like we do. Still, in my opinion, there can't be any issues with the guys' commitment or movement. In the second period, SKA only had five shots, and in the third they had two. This means a lot. Just like Ilya Vorobyov said, these matches are helpful ahead of the playoffs.

- When will Kevin Dallman return?

- There are family reasons there and I can't say anymore. It all depends on the player and I hope he will be back after the upcoming break.

- Will Patrice Cormier be punished?

- The KHL will tell us the sanctions tomorrow. I think that they will cancel the penalty and give one for diving instead. Ice hockey is turning into football.

Barys - SKA. Press-conference

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