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Barys - SKA. Press-conference

BarysPress-conferenceAlexei KudashovBarys - SKA - 251219
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Alexei Kudashov:

- We are satisfied with the result. I would like to thank my players, we prepared- well. Barys are a strong, organised team with a good defensive and attacking line. We're happy with this victory.

HC Barys head coach Andrei Skabelka:

- We conceded six goals from just 24 shots. Unfortunately, in comparison to our away matches, we are now displaying the same level of ice hockey at home. That upsets me. Nevertheless, we will analyse what happened today, while preparing for the next game at the same time.

- Valery Orekhov isn't one of your main defensemen this season.

- There are guys who played a lot better last year. This is a case of second year syndrome, when you expect everything to go your way but it doesn't. You have to prove yourself every day in every training session.

- Why did Alikhan Asetov replace Nikita Mikhaylis in the final minutes of the third period?

- There are no injury issues.

- A lot of fans think that Barys are losing at home because of the new rink size.

- We're playing on these rinks in away games too, it doesn't hold any meaning. The most important thing is your quality.

Barys - SKA. Press-conference

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