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Barys - SKA. Match facts

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In 861 KHL matches, SKA have scored 2670 goals, conceding 1667 at the same time (+1003). CSKA Moscow have the second best goal difference with +610.

For the first time in KHL history, four SKA goals in one single game were scored by defenseman, as Artyom Zub (3) and Vasily Tokranov hit the target.

Artyom Zub is the first SKA defenseman in Russian history to score a hat trick in a competitive match in the domestic championship. This is also the first occasion when Artyom has registered goals in two consecutibe KHL matches.

In 500 KHL matches, Anton Burdasov boasts 217 (113+104) points, with 90 (42+48) having been tallied in 211 SKA games.

Fellow forward Andrei Kuzmenko now has 100 (42+58) KHL points. 49 (10+39) have been gained in 95 SKA appearances.

For the first time in his SKA career, Nail Yakupov grabbed three (1+2) points in one match.

Dmitry Kagarlitsky picked up three assists for the first time with SKA.

Atte Ohtamaa, scoring after just 11 seconds for Barys, netted the quickest goal scored against SKA in KHL away games. The previous record was 28 seconds in a match against Dinamo Riga in December 2013.

Barys - SKA. Match facts

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