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Bogdan Yakimov: "We played for our head coach"

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SKA forward Bogdan Yakimov:

- It was a balanced, tense match between the two teams. The guys gave everything and fought really hard. I am really happy that we managed to emerge victorious in such a difficult battle.

- You played in one line with Vladislav Tsitsyura and Vasily Podkolzin.

- I think that we are improving. This was a positive performance today, we had three or four opportunities to score. I think that we will be even more useful to the team when we start taking advantage of our chances.

- Did you miss having Valery Bragin on the bench?

- Of course, it's always difficult when your head coach isn't on the bench. Nevertheless, we spoke in the dressing room before the team, and we agreed to play for him.

- SKA had nine players born in 2000 or later today in the line-up.

- I am now one of the more experienced players! All of our young players are really talented, they are quickly adapting to the KHL. There aren't any problems.

Bogdan Yakimov: "We played for our head coach"

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