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Bogdan Yakimov: "Moving to SKA is a big step forward in my career"

Bogdan Yakimov
HC SKA press-service

- Share your emotions from joining SKA.

- I am really happy to join one of Russia's strongest clubs. I will try to do everything to help SKA.

- How were the contract negotiations?

- I have been in contact with SKA's management for quite some time now. There weren't any problems, it all went smoothly.

- Who did you speak to before joining SKA?

- I held conversations with my agent, my parents and the Severstal management. We came to the conclusion that moving to SKA is a big step forward in my career. It needed to happen now.

- Do you know any of SKA's current players?

- I know almost everyone, I've met most of them in our national teams. There are already two players from Nizhnekamsk on SKA's roster, so I won't need time to adapt.

Bogdan Yakimov: "Moving to SKA is a big step forward in my career"

- What number have you chosen?

- I will wear the number 76. It doesn't mean a lot to me, but I played with that number in Severstal, and I played well. That's why I decided to keep it with SKA.

- Last season, you scored a KHL goal after just eight seconds?

- What is the record? Seven seconds?

- Jimmie Ericsson scored for SKA after seven seconds, but Alexander Elesin of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl has the record with a goal in the fourth second of play.

- I will try to set a new record!

- How are you spending the period of self-isolation? On your Instagram account, there is a picture of the NHL video game.

- That was made especially for my birthday, Emil Galimov is on that photograph too. However, I don't actually play that game. I'm watching films and training.

- Was it difficult to play in one line with Sergei Monakhov in Cherepovets?

- I really enjoyed playing with him! I was in his line for a year and a half. We are in good relations both on and off the ice.

- When will you move to Saint Petersburg?

- The plan will become clear as the summer approaches. I am in contact with the management, and I will think about where I will live. I'll speak to the SKA players to find out where they live at the moment.

- What do you know about the Hockey City complex?

- I've only heard positive things about the complex, everyone says that the facilities are of a high level. Everything required in order to progress is there.

- Can you speak to us about your goals with SKA?

- With such a strong team, most of all I want to win. I want to score goals and help the team as much as I can. I am really hungry to be victorious.

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