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Bogdan Yakimov: "Training camps are never easy"

Pre-season trainingBogdan Yakimov
HC SKA press-service

- How long did it take you to make the decision to join SKA?

- I don't think that anyone needs a lot of time to make such a decision when you receive an offer from SKA, you immediately agree. Everyone wants this to happen.

- What expectations do you have for the pre-season?

- Of course, training camps are never easy. I'm ready for the process to be difficult, I want the season to be successful.

- Did you previously know any of SKA's players?

- Emil Galimov comes from my hometown. I know a lot of players here.

- Who would you like to compete with in one line?

- That's a tough question. Taking into account the level of SKA, it will be great to play with any other player.

- Can you say a few words for our fans?

- Come to our matches and support us, we will try to make you happy with victories!

Bogdan Yakimov: "Training camps are never easy"

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