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Reaction after playing CSKA in Moscow

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- We allowed the opponents to take a large lead at the start of the match. After that, we evened the play, had chances to score, but you have to play for the full 60 minutes to win such games.

- What is going wrong for SKA?

- A lot of players were with the national team, while other guys received injuries. Now, we will get out of this situation together. Of course, the injuries suffered by defensemen Igor Ozhiganov and Mikko Lehtonen have taken their toll.

- If Joonas Kemppainen had scored shorthanded, SKA would have had a chance.

- We needed to score in the second period, it would have made life more difficult for the opponents.

- Lars Johansson will be disappointed with the first goal which he conceded.

- He has barely rested as a result of competing in the Euro Hockey Tour and playing in all of our matches. Lars is a bit tired.

Reaction after playing CSKA in Moscow

- Why hasn't Matvei Michkov travelled with you?

- He will join us now.

- Dmitry Nikolaev was excellent in your net. Does he deserve a chance in your next game?

- We're really happy for him, he was great and made big saves. There's a good chance he will play on Tuesday.

- Are you planning on bringing Ivan Morozov and Kirill Marchenko back from the VHL?

- Let's see, they're playing well in the VHL.

- What can you say about Nikita Gusev? He seems lost on the ice.

- It's tough for him at the moment, he missed almost all of last season. He's playing in one line with Leo Komarov? They've played well together. Mikhail Vorobyov played with them today, Nikita needs to have creative players with him.

- How does Emil Galimov feel?

- He's injured and isn't training at the moment.

- Why didn't Nikita Lisov play today?

- We wanted to give our new players a chance. Nikita Sedov did well, he didn't make any major mistakes. They same can be said for Nikita Kamalov, he was solid on the penalty kill.

HC SKA forward Leo Komarov:

- We started the game poorly, you cannot concede three goals straight away.

- How difficult has it been for you to adapt to the KHL?

- The main thing has been to get back into the rhythm of playing after the long flights to travel here. I always play to win but, at the moment, we're losing. I'm a team player, I can't be satisfied with these results.

- Why do you think SKA are losing constantly?

- Anything can happen in life. We need to work hard, because we have a good team here. We have to play for the team. When we start scoring goals, things will improve. No one needs to panic, but we have to play better.

- Have you spoken with Oleg Znarok since travelling to Russia?

- No, hopefully we will see each other soon.

- Are you keeping up with the results of the New York Islanders?

- Of course, I am a person after all. I watch the Finnish league and the NHL. I wish the Islanders success. However, I need to look ahead.

HC SKA goalkeeper Dmitry Nikolaev:

- It was a good performance after a bad start. We played well for the concluding two periods, but luck wasn't on our side.

- Congratulations with an impressive debut. How difficult was it for you to enter the game when 0:3 down?

- I felt normal. I wasn't nervous, I calmly entered the match. We train together all of the time, it's my job. I had great fun out there, I didn't have any tension.

- Did you speak to your teammates during the match?

- It was a normal game, I shouted to the skaters and we communicated well.

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