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Reaction after defeating Dynamo Moscow on the road

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was a good performance from our point of view. Our penalty killing was solid, and our goaltender was excellent. The team worked for the full 60 minutes.

- Why did SKA start so powerfully?

- We always like to start matches aggressively.

- Will Igor Ozhiganov be out for a long time?

- It's difficult to say right now.

- You moved down to five defensemen during the game today.

- The circumstances required us to do so.

- Why aren't Maxim Groshev and Zakhar Bardakov receiving ice time?

- They're both training well. Competition is always a good thing.

Reaction after defeating Dynamo Moscow on the road

- Will Nikita Gusev, Ivan Morozov and Vladislav Tsitsyura continue playing in one line together?

- Alexander Volkov is joining us, I think that he will play in that line. Hopefully, he can play against Metallurg Magnitogorsk on Tuesday.

- Linden Vey didn't play in this match.

- We have six foreign players, so we decided to make that call.

- Do you speak with Oleg Znarok?

- What do you mean? We are regularly talking to each other.

- How does Anton Burdasov feel?

- He is continuing to recover from his injury.

HC SKA forward Andrei Kuzmenko:

- Talk us through your first goal.

- I intercepted a pass, but I fell to the floor after Vadim Shipachyov hit my leg with his stick. Nevertheless, I really wanted to score. I knew that I didn't have a lot of time, so I moved the puck to my right so that I could quickly unleash a shot on goal. I was a bit surprised that I scored!

- What happened for your second marker?

- I skated clean through, but there were Dynamo players hot on my heels, so I had to carefully watch their sticks in order to make sure that they couldn't steal possession.

HC SKA forward Emil Galimov:

- SKA have twice beaten Dynamo Moscow this month.

- Our penalty kill worked excellently, we took a lot of penalties. It helped that we scored two quick goals in the first period.

- How satisfied are you with your personal start to the campaign?

- It's been a tough start for me, I'm not scoring a lot of goals. However, the main thing is that the team is winning. I am trying not to look at the statistics and simply play for the team. As Lars Johansson says, if you want the ketchup to come out, you have to hit the bottle harder. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

- Valeri Bragin has said that the team is in great form.

- Yes, the results are positive, but we have things to work on and improve. We must continue winning and making the fans happy.

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