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Valeri Bragin's conference ahead of the 2020/2021 KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs

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HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was a difficult regular season, especially given the illness situation. Nevertheless, we subsequently improved our physical condition and worked a lot on tactical aspects. I think that we're in good shape ahead of the playoffs. Of course, the fact that we won the concluding three matches of the regular season helped us psychologically.

- Dinamo Minsk like to put an emphasis on their attack. Does this help SKA?

- They tried out different schemes during the regular season game on Saturday. We're ready for anything they throw at us.

- Who will be the starting goalkeeper for SKA?

- Alexander Samonov will start in goal in the playoffs.

- Why isn't Lukas Bengtsson playing at the moment? He is one of SKA's best players statistically.

- We have seven foreigners, we always pick the line-up ahead of every individual match. Lukas is training, he's ready to play. It's always good when you have lots of players to choose from.

Valeri Bragin's conference ahead of the 2020/2021 KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs

- Dinamo Minsk played against SKA on Saturday without a number of their leaders.

- I think that they will still play in the same aggressive manner. We have all of the required information about the opponents.

- Will Marat Khusnutdinov return before the season ends?

- No, his season is over.

- How close are the players to optimal form?

- In terms of their physical shape, they are close.

- Are you satisfied with how SKA have been performing on special teams?

- As a coach, you always spot the mistakes and try to fix them. Overall, we can see improvements. Hopefully, we will continue to improve further in the playoffs, special teams are vital.

- Who will be on the ice for SKA in the playoffs?

- I think that the line-up will largely be the same as it was against Dinamo Minsk at the weekend.

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