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Daniil Pylenkov: "We knew how to play against Spartak and beat them"

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HC SKA defenseman Daniil Pylenkov:

- Talk us through your goal in the closing seconds of the first period.

- I managed to join the attack and score an important goal. It was nothing special, the main thing is that we won.

- Spartak scored a quick goal to take the lead. Did that affect your approach?

- No. We knew how to play against these opponents and beat them, so we continued playing in accordance with our plan.

- You have been scoring a few goals recently. Have you changed something concerning your style of game?

- No, I am simply sticking to the coaches' game plan. Maybe luck has been on my side.

- As a result of lots of SKA defensemen being on the sidelines with injuries, you have been receiving a lot of ice time in a line with Mat Robinson in recent matches.

- This is certainly helping me, I'm feeling increasingly confident with every passing game.

Daniil Pylenkov: "We knew how to play against Spartak and beat them"

- You got involved in a disagreement with Spartak forward Alexander Khokhlachyov. What did you two speak about?

- It wasn't anything of note, these things happen during such tense matches.

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