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Danila Galenyuk: "Dinamo Minsk play in a Canadian style"

Dinamo MinskDanila GalenyukSKA - Dinamo Mn - 191217
HC SKA press-service

- You will make your senior SKA debut today. When did you find out the news?

- When I arrived in Saint Petersburg after flying from Canada. The team's administrator sent me a message that I was going to train with the senior side. When I went to training, they told me that I will play.

- How do you feel playing with the senior team?

- It was unexpected, but I'm really happy. I will give everything.

- What did the coaches tell you?

- The told me to be confident, play physical and to not be afraid. The guys also supported me.

- Looking at Dinamo Minsk, what aspects of their game are dangerous?

- Before the match, we will look at their special teams.

- Are special teams the key component today?

- Yes, they shoot a lot when on the man advantage. Dinamo play a Canadian style of ice hockey.

Danila Galenyuk: "Dinamo Minsk play in a Canadian style"

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