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Danila Galenyuk speaks after beating Spartak Moscow

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- SKA had a great first period.

- We analysed the opponents having already played against them three times. We got rid of our mistakes, started playing aggressively and moved the puck out of our own zone quicker.

- The third period was tough.

- Spartak changed their tactics, while we sat back more. The main thing is that we saw the game our successfully.

- How difficult was it emotionally?

- It was fine.

- What has Valery Bragin brought to the team?

- He is a fantastic coach. He has added energy and more positive emotions. He acts in the same way as he does with the junior national team. Everyone really respects him.

- The young players are receiving a lot of time on the ice.

- We knew each other from when we played for the youth national teams. Thank you to the coaches for putting faith in us, we have to keep improving with each passing match.

- Are you nervous for your debut at the Euro Hockey Tour?

- No, not at the moment anyway. We will give our all.

Danila Galenyuk speaks after beating Spartak Moscow

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