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Danila Galenyuk: "I slowly grew into the game"

Dinamo MinskDanila GalenyukSKA - Dinamo Mn - 191217
HC SKA press-service

- Impressions from your senior SKA debut?

- It's a shame that the team lost. It was tough in the first shift, but I slowly got into the game. On the bench, the guys supported me.

- Why was it so difficult?

- This is a different level with professional players. I returned from Canada not long ago, their time is behind ours.

- Is 2:2 a fair score?

- I can't say that we played well, we conceded sloppy goals. The team fought until the end. It's good that we took the game to overtime, but penalty shots are a lottery.

- Your thoughts on the Ice Palace's atmosphere?

- I was nervous in my first shift, so many people came to the stadium.

- In your first shift, you had a shot on goal.

- My teammates created a shooting opportunity for me.

Danila Galenyuk: "I slowly grew into the game"

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