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Danila Moiseev and Zakhar Bardakov speak after the second match against Spartak

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HC SKA forward Danila Moiseev:

- The first match wasn't good for us. I was in the stands for that game, and I could see how my teammates were nervous. However, after discussing what required improvement, we played better today.

- In comparison to the regular season matches against Spartak Moscow, how are these playoff games different?

- There is more responsibility in the playoffs. In order to score more goals, we have to play with more aggression in front of their net.

- You contributed with an assist for the winning goal. Talk us through that moment.

- Oscar Fantenberg found me with a good pass. I sped into the zone, before I noticed that Igor Ozhiganov was unmarked on the opposite flank. I passed him the puck and he managed to score.

- Spartak hadn't played for two months before this series. How surprised have you been by their performances?

Danila Moiseev and Zakhar Bardakov speak after the second match against Spartak

- They had more time in which to prepare and watch our playoff games. From our point of view, we only had their regular season matches in which to analyse, and they have changed their approach and tactics since then. They're playing with more aggression than in the regular season. We will improve further and show our best ice hockey in the upcoming games.

HC SKA forward Zakhar Bardakov:

- It was a good, compact game. After scoring our second goal, we began to sit back more, but we had played with the initiative before our winning marker. I would like to thank our fans for the wonderful support, I'm happy that we compensated for match on Friday.

- In comparison to the regular season, how have Spartak changed?

- There are more emotions in the playoffs, and all of the matches are very hotly contested in a physical manner.

- You blocked a shot with your face. How do you feel now?

- Well, I was laying on the ice and the puck hit me. Thankfully, it didn't quite strike my face.

- Spartak hadn't played since January before this series began. How surprised have you been with their ice hockey?

- They're playing on their emotions at the moment. Furthermore, it's worth remembering that we had a long break after winning our series in the first round of the competition. In Moscow, our performances will be at a different level.

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