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Danila Moiseev: "This match showed us where we need to improve"

NeftekhimikDanila MoiseevSKA - Neftekhimik - 031021
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HC SKA forward Danila Moiseev:

- It was a good, difficult game. This match showed us where we need to improve. We have things to consider and work on. Nevertheless, I congratulate everyone with our victory!

- How do you feel after icing the game for SKA with an empty-netter?

- This is the first time when I have hit the empty net. The main thing is that we won, and it's always nice to score. Everyone is in a positive mood.

- Neftekhimik are a dangerous team this season. How interesting was it to compete against them?

- This season, it's tough to play against all teams due to there not being a big difference between the clubs. There aren't any easy games. Neftekhimik did a good job today, they played well and trapped us inside our own zone at times.

- SKA forward Emil Galimov played against his brother. Did he have special motivation?

- Yes, I think so, as he was getting all of us fired up before the match started. It would be better to ask him, though.

Danila Moiseev: "This match showed us where we need to improve"

- Next up: Lokomotiv Yaroslavl.

- As I have already said, every match is a challenge. We will celebrate this win for a couple of hours, but then we will subsequently focus on the next game. Hopefully, we will continue winning.

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