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Danila Moiseev: "We felt calmer after scoring our third goal"

JokeritDanila MoiseevSKA - Jokerit - 031221
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA forward Danila Moiseev:

- This was a tough, compact game. It was crucial that we didn't make mistakes during the second and third periods, otherwise the result might have been a different one. We felt calmer both on the ice and on the bench after scoring our third goal, it was a vital moment in the match.

- Have you all recovered after the recent series of defeats?

- Of course. The season continues, we cannot look back at past games. We will try to win our upcoming matches.

- December is a tough month for SKA in terms of the schedule, and you have a challenging road trip approaching.

- We know who we have to play against and where. Yes, it's always better to play at home, but we want to win our away games too.

- For the first time this season, the stadium was allowed to be 50% full. Did you like the atmosphere inside the Ice Palace today?

Danila Moiseev: "We felt calmer after scoring our third goal"

- Of course! I love playing here, I would like to thank the fans for their fantastic support. Congratulations to them with the victory!

- Talk us through your winning goal in the second period.

- I battled hard on the crease to knock the puck in.

- Have you built up mutual understanding with Nikita Gusev?

- I think that we understand each other well now, we're creating a lot of chances during games. We always discuss our tactics before each match begins.

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