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David Rundblad: "We need to focus on our special teams"

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David Rundblad: "We need to focus on our special teams"

- Why was the second period so bad?

- That's a tough question. They came out way harder than in the first period, their team is fast so we have to be prepared for that. There were a lot of penalties, both ways, and we need to focus on our powerplay and penalty kill.

- Lokomotiv play in an aggressive manner.

- If you want to win in this league, you need to be able to play against any team. You need to be prepared and ready out there. We have to focus on our game plan, and not their one.

- Are SKA not the favourites anymore?

- In the playoffs, anything can happen, so I don't think that there is any favourite out there. We know that we're hard to beat if we play the way we should. We have to do that.

- After the victory yesterday, did you think that SKA can win this series 4:0?

- No, I didn't think that at all. Everyone in this team is professional. When you win one match, you need to prepare the same for the next game.

- Can you feel the difference between the NHL and KHL playoffs?

- I think that any playoff series is similar, it doesn't matter which team or league you play in. You prepare the same way and only good teams qualify for the playoffs. It's a tough league, you have to be prepared.

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