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David Rundblad: "Saint Petersburg is a real hockey town"

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David Rundblad: "Saint Petersburg is a real hockey town"

- These were your first three games in Saint Petersburg. What impressions have you been left with?

- I heard before that it's a great hockey town. It's been proven. A lot of people came to the arena for these pre-season games, and it's been a fun couple of days here.

- How easy was it to settle in SKA?

- It always takes time to get used to the guys and the system. The first few games weren't that good, I felt a bit lost on the ice. However, I feel like I have improved in these three matches. I'm getting there.

- In the dressing room, are the players celebrating the victory?

- It's pre-season right now, so I think that the focus is to get the team together and find a system. However, it's always fun to win. It's a good step in the right direction before the start of the season.

- Are you ready for the season?

- I feel ready. I worked hard over the summer, and the training camps here are pretty hard too. There are a lot of trainings and work-outs. I'm ready and it will be fun.

- Do you understand the SKA coaches' system?

- It's not too difficult, they're trying to keep it simple in the defensive so that we have more freedom in attack. We have a lot of good offensive guys, so I think it's a good system.

- At the 2014 World Championship, Oleg Znarok had an argument with Swedish coach Rikard Gronborg. Were you not afraid of him?

- I don't know if I was afraid, but maybe I was lucky that I wasn't there. He seems to be a really good coach, so it's really fun to be here.

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