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David Rundblad: "There are no weak teams in the KHL"

NeftekhimikDavid RundbladSKA - Neftekhimik - 150119
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David Rundblad: "There are no weak teams in the KHL"

- Why did SKA lose today after starting well?

- I think the start was similar to the last game. We scored two quick goals, and then we stopped playing the way we should. We allowed them to get into the match.

- What are the reasons behind this SKA performance? Did you think the game was done?

- It's hard to say. They worked really hard, and Neftekhimik skated more than we did. We began to get worried and we lost our game.

- This isn't the first team when SKA have lost to a supposedly weaker opponent.

- We don't underestimate anyone, all KHL teams are good. We became a bit too comfortable after taking a 2:0 lead and we allowed them to come into the match. Neftekhimik were able to play their style of game.

- Will this defeat help motivate SKA even more?

- The start was positive. We achieved two early goals and that's what we can take away.

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