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Dinamo Minsk - SKA. Game four. Press-conference

Press-conferenceDinamo MinskValeri BraginDinamo Mn - SKA - 080321
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was a hard-fought game, just like the previous three in this series. The opponents scored one more goal than us. I would like to congratulate all women with International Women's Day, we're aiming to make our female fans happy in the next match.

- What was the key moment today?

- I wouldn't say that there was a turning point. The game depended on the next goal at 1:1, both teams had their opportunities.

HC Dinamo Minsk head coach Craig Woodcroft:

- Our guys showed team spirit and determination. When we were down, we remained calm and played with discipline. It was a real battle. Both teams had their chances on the counter-attack, we know that SKA are strong in that department. I would like to point out our goalkeeper Dominik Furch, who produced a great performance. Our winning goal came from a simple situation, we just wanted to get the puck on net and create a rebound. Denis Mosalyov worked hard and deserved his goal.

Dinamo Minsk - SKA. Game four. Press-conference

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