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Game four. Dynamo Moscow - SKA. Press-conference

Dynamo MoscowPress-conferenceValeri BraginDynamo Msk - SKA - 240321
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was a good performance from us. We scored on the powerplay, and we were solid on the penalty kill.

- This was the first time when you didn't change the line-up at all. Did this help? And are you satisfied with Vladimir Tkachyov's performance?

- There isn't any time for experiments in the playoffs, the players who win matches are staying on the ice. Vladimir played well today.

- Did you change your approach after the first period? Dynamo Moscow applied pressure on you during the opening frame.

- We expected Dynamo to compete in an aggressive manner in the first period. Our powerplay helped us out in the second frame, luck was on our side. You have to earn luck with hard work.

- SKA played on the front foot in Saint Petersburg, whereas in Moscow your players were patient. What will we see on Friday?

- We always like to compete with an emphasis on our attack. However, we understood that Dynamo were going to play aggressively at home. I think that both teams will attack in the fifth match.

Game four. Dynamo Moscow - SKA. Press-conference

- In game three, SKA only managed to win in overtime after letting a two-goal lead slip. How did you avoid that scenario today?

- During the second break, I told the players to treat the match as if it's 0:0, we required concentration in very shift. We played solidly in defence, and we had chances to score more goals.

- Despite having previously not played for a month, Vladislav Kamenev is now having the second highest amount of ice time among SKA's forwards.

- I've worked with Vladislav with the under 18 and under 20 Russian national teams. We all know his potential. I am really pleased that he is now starting to use his potential, he's in great form.

- In order to score goals, does Artyom Shvets-Rogovoi need to engage in more fights like in the first period?

- No one wants to lose in the playoffs. Artyom showed his character, he did a good job.

HC Dynamo Moscow head coach Vladimir Krikunov:

- We started well, even if we didn't have many big opportunities in the attacking zone. We ruined the match with our needless penalties during the second period.

- Why did your players take so many penalties today?

- They lost their heads. We had told the players that they cannot afford to take penalties. Instead of acting like hooligans, we needed to play ice hockey.

- How did the team feel before the game started?

- We had prepared for the match. Maybe the players were too pumped up.

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