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Dinar Khafizullin: "It's hard to play against Vityaz"

Dinar KhafizullinVityazVityaz - SKA - 251017
HC SKA press-service

- Both matches against Vityaz were tough.

- Yes, both games were difficult. Vityaz have a good team which should calmly qualify for the playoffs. I want to wish them luck, I used to play here.

- Why was the first period so difficult?

- It's our problem: we are not starting matches well. In a lot of games, the start of matches are not going well for us. We need to analyse this and work hard.

- You were named the best player of the match.

- I played fine and didn't concede a goal. The main thing is that the team won. The best player of the match? I think that there were a lot of guys who played better than me.

- SKA's powerplay didn't go well.

- We're trying, but it doesn't work in every match. Nevertheless, we did score on the powerplay against CSKA.

- In comparison to the first game, have Vityaz improved?

- These games were practically identical. Their team is good, they move well and skate fast. It's hard to play against Vityaz.

- SKA have equalled Metallurg Magnitogorsk's record for amount of consecutive points.

- We didn't even know about that.

Dinar Khafizullin: "It's hard to play against Vityaz"

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