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Dinar Khafizullin: "Today, attack was the best form of defence"

Dinar KhafizullinPlayoffsGagarin CupSKA - Metallurg Mg - 140417
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- Is attack the best form of defence?

- It worked out that way. The opposing goalkeeper is playing really well. We have to do everything possible in order to score.

- Were you expecting to play so well?

- I got a bit lucky.

- Have the coaches told you to play more on the crease?

- To be honest, I don't know what to say. I skated to the slot and managed to score, luck was on my side.

- Why did Metallurg Magnitigorsk's players protest after your second goal?

- The puck hit the goalkeeper's mask.

- It took a while for Vasily Koshechkin to recover.

- Why does it matter? The puck popped out to me and I managed to score.

Dinar Khafizullin: "Today, attack was the best form of defence"

- How did you congratulate Yegor Rykov with his birthday?

- The victory is enough.

- Any SKA coach always puts you on the powerplay in the playoffs.

- I don't know why. Ask Oleg Znarok. In the KHL regular season, I rarely competed on the powerplay.

- Andrei Zubarev stated that the early Metallurg goal got SKA going.

- We play even better when we are losing. I don't know why.

- So did you concede that goal on purpose?

- Don't tell anyone else that.

- Did you change the game plan?

- We tried to shoot a lot, we had more shots than them. Their goalkeeper is playing well.

- How have you managed to compete against Jan Kovar's line?

- We have our methods. Players who are good in defence compete against that line.

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