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Dmitrij Jaskin and Vasily Glotov speak after beating Spartak in Moscow

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HC SKA forward Dmitrij Jaskin:

- Why are SKA playing so well at the moment?

- We're following our plan, playing physical ice hockey and shooting a lot. Hopefully, we will continue in the same manner.

- Did your stick break after you scored?

- It broke during the goal! Never mind, it was an old one anyway.

- SKA dominated throughout the match.

- We started playing our ice hockey in the second period, shooting more often and scoring goals. We competed with more aggression.

- What do you think about the Czech national team? There are rumours that players in Russia will be banned.

- We've already been banned. That's their decision. I'm playing for SKA, I will spend this season in Russia. Let's see what happens in the future.

Dmitrij Jaskin and Vasily Glotov speak after beating Spartak in Moscow

- When you recently scored against Dynamo Moscow, SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg stated that it was a Pavel Datsyuk-style goal.

- I had been training that move a bit. I saw that there was a chance, so I decided to shoot on goal with the backhand. Those things happen within a matter of seconds, even less.

- After joining SKA this summer, did you set yourself the target of scoring more goals than you did with Dynamo a few years ago?

- Naturally, I want to continue scoring a lot of goals. Things are going well so far I think.

- A lot of different players have been put in a line with you. Who do you enjoy playing alongside the most?

- We're continuing to search for the best options. I think that we started to play well from the second stanza against Spartak, our line played with urgency and scored goals. It's good that the regular season is so long, we can try out different options before the playoffs begin.

HC SKA forward Vasily Glotov:

- How can you explain such an emphatic victory for SKA over Spartak in Moscow?

- It's down to our hard work! We had studied the opponents well before the match, and we played in accordance with our system. We did what the coaches asked us to do and won the game.

- You took Spartak's defence apart in the second period?

- All of our matches during this road trip have been difficult. We were lacking concentration during the maiden 10 minutes, but we subsequently started playing our brand of ice hockey. We improved further in the second frame and started hitting the target.

- You beat two opponents with brilliant skill for the second goal.

- Marat Khusnutdinov blocked an opponent there. I could have passed to Igor Ozhiganov instead of shooting, but I decided to have a shot. Thankfully, Igor pounced on the rebound and everything worked out for the best.

- Who are you most comfortable playing in one line with?

- I'm comfortable playing with all of my teammates. I have nothing to moan about. My line scored three goals today, we have a united group and we all play for each other. We're gaining chemistry.

- Were you surprised to join SKA? You hadn't earned many points with Sochi this season.

- Points don't show the entire picture. I know that more was expected of me at the start of the campaign, but I wouldn't say that I was that bad. I missed a lot of scoring opportunities. Any transfer is always a bit surprising, but I was ready. I'm happy to have joined SKA!

- How is Roman Rotenberg as a coach?

- I've only played five games so far. I won't reveal all of the details, however changes have been made to our system. He wants us to play different ice hockey, but, at the same time, he has asked for me to continue showing my personal qualities. All of our coaches are excellent. Roman generally asks us to play in a more simple manner and to not be afraid to show our individual talents. I am very grateful for the faith being shown in me, now it's down to me to work hard and be beneficial for the team.

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