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Dmitry Kagarlitsky: "I want to be as useful as possible to SKA"

Dmitry Kagarlitsky
HC SKA press-service

- What are your expectations for the 2019/2020 season?

- I give myself high goals. Through my work, I want to earn the trust of my teammates and the fans, while being as useful as possible.

- You have signed a long-term deal.

- This is more comfortable for me. I have stability and I know where I will be next year. All of my thoughts will purely be on ice hockey itself. However, I can't relax, because there's always that chance my contract will be cancelled or something else. I want to be here even longer than three years.

- What can you say about the atmosphere at the Saint Petersburg Ice Palace?

- The atmosphere is fantastic, the fans always support the team brilliantly.

- You probably know some of SKA's players already.

- Yes, some I have played with before, while I met others in different clubs. I hope that there won't be any problems adapting.

- Do you know Saint Petersburg well?

- We know and love Saint Petersburg. We often come here as a family, and we even had plans to live here after my career ends. It will be very interesting to live and play here.

- How will you spend your holidays?

- We spend two weeks by the sea as a family, but now I have already started training.

Dmitry Kagarlitsky: "I want to be as useful as possible to SKA"

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