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SKA Friends - Spartak Friends - 6:4

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In Saint Petersburg, veterans and friends of both SKA and HC Spartak Moscow played in a special friendly game. SKA first vice-president Roman Rotenberg, SKA managing director Andrei Tochitsky, SKA Academy sporting director Ilya Gorbushin, SKA-1946 coach Maxim Sokolov and ex players such as Sergei Gusev, Marat Davydov and Artyom Ostroushko all took part in the match.

After a tight start, SKA Friends pulled away in the third period, aided by four goals from Roman Rotenberg. 6:4, SKA Friends beat their Spartak counterparts!

SKA Friends - Spartak Friends - 6:4 (2:2, 2:1, 2:1)


0:1 Shalamai (Shepelev), 07.00
1:1 Rotenberg (Subbotin, Davydov), 08.55
2:1 Drozdetsky (Litvinenko, Merkulov), 14.55
2:2 Zhebrovsky (Vinogradov), 19.05
3:2 Rotenberg, 27.48
3:3 Prokhorov, 29.35
4:3 Rotenberg, 35.39
5:3 Rotenberg, 46.33
5:4 Prokhorov, 50.52
6:4 Subbotin (Rotenberg), 59.42

14.02.2017. Ice Palace, Saint Petersburg.

SKA Friends - Spartak Friends - 6:4

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