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Spartak Friends - SKA Friends - 1:1

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In Moscow, a friendly match took place between Spartak Friends and SKA Friends, with the score ending 1:1. SKA vice-president Roman Rotenberg played alongside veterans such as Marat Davydov, Vadim Epanchintsev and Oleg Kvasha.

The two teams traded late goals in the game.

This was the fourth match between the teams. Previously, there had been a draw, while the sides traded away victories.

Match protocol:

Spartak Friends - SKA Friends - 1:1 (0:0, 0:0, 1:1)


0:1 Emeleev (Rotenberg), 58.00

1:1 Epanchintsev (Knyazev), 58.29

Goalkeepers: Konobriy - Kolesnik

Referees: Zaitsev, Evteev


Spartak Friends - SKA Friends - 1:1

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