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Spartak Friends - SKA Friends - 2:7

Friendly match
HC SKA press-service

Before the KHL match between HC Spartak Moscow and SKA, Spartak Friends and SKA Friends competed in a friendly game together.

SKA were represented by vice-president Roman Rotenberg, deputy board of directors chairman Alexander Medvedev, general director Andrei Tochitsky and veterans such as Valery Pokrovsky, Sergei Gusev and Marat Davydov. Valery Kamensky, Alexei Zhamnov and Vyacheslav Kozlov were among those on Spartak Friends' roster.

SKA Friends went on to dominate the match, winning 7:2!

Match protocol:

Spartak Friends - SKA Friends - 2:7 (1:2, 0:1, 1:4)


1:0 Kozlov, 01.03
1:1 Krutov (Medvedev), 02.08
1:2 Tochitsky (Ostroushko), 06.19
1:3 Gusev (Davydov, Krutov), 36:10
1:4 Rotenberg, 41.38
2:4 Kozlov (Kamensky, Zhamnov), 46.50
2:5 Badyukov (Davydov), 47.27
2:6 Gusev (Badyukov, Luchinkin), 51.30
2:7 Rotenberg (Medvedev), 59.06

Goalkeepers: Shapirovsky/Filippov - Bunin/Polukeev

04.09.2017. VTB Ice Palace, Moscow.

Spartak Friends - SKA Friends - 2:7

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