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Emil Galimov: "We have all missed ice hockey"

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- It was a tough game after such a long pre-season, but we had trained well in Novogorsk. It's nice that we won today.

- SKA have a lot of new players this summer.

- I think that all of us want to show our capabilities, while helping the team at the same time. All of us have missed ice hockey and wanted to win this match.

- SKA didn't take any penalties in this game.

- That wasn't a part of our game plan. After our difficult training camps, none of us have sharpness in our legs yet. Yaroslavl only took two penalties.

- Your line played well today.

- This is only the third day in which I have been skating with Linden Vey. There isn't any euphoria from this result, we will continue training hard.

Emil Galimov: "We have all missed ice hockey"

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