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Fyodor Svechkov: "We are putting the foundations in place at the Development Camp"

SKA development campFyodor Svechkov
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- How was your summer?

- After returning from the World U18 Championship, I started to prepare for my school exams. Nevertheless, at the same time, I continued training as to not get out of shape. I worked out in the gym and on the ice when possible over the course of three weeks ahead of this training camp.

- You received 90 points for your Russian language test.

- To be honest, I didn't put any special attention on to my preparation for the exams, but I tried hard and did lots of practice tests.

- What are your feelings with regard to the first few days of the SKA Development Camp?

- It's great! The facilities are wonderful here, the Hockey City complex contains everything required for our development. The coaches are of a very high level.

- Have you learned new things for yourself during the training sessions?

- At the moment, we are mainly working on our skating technique. I think that subsequently I will learn more about tactical issues.

- Do you have favourite training exercises?

- I like it when we work on finishing our attacking moves. However, I am enjoying all of our exercises at training!

- How will the training camp help for the upcoming season?

- We are putting all of the required foundations in place for the campaign, including our physical form. Alongside that, we're working on our stick handling, our skating, our pace and the way in which we follow the exercises. This will help us throughout our careers.

Fyodor Svechkov: "We are putting the foundations in place at the Development Camp"

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