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Fyodor Svechkov: "The SKA system is of the highest level"

Fyodor SvechkovWorld U18 Championship
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- How did you become an ice hockey player?

- My parents introduced me to the sport. While other children struggled to skate, I quickly managed to master it. I trained under the guidance of Nikolai Komarov, who gave me the chance to begin my ice hockey journey. I am really grateful to him for that.

- You played in the VHL for Lada Tolyatti during the 2020/2021 campaign.

- It was a very interesting season for me. Even though it wasn't a great year for Lada, it was the first season for me at senior level. The level in the VHL is a lot higher than in the MHL, the players are stronger and the pace is quicker. It's hard to find a lot of similarities between the leagues, to be honest.

- What do you know about Saint Petersburg and SKA?

- I have twice been in Saint Petersburg with Lada, we played at the Nikolai Drozdetsky Memorial Tournament last year. I was really impressed with the city's beauty. SKA has a powerful system which is always challenging for the highest positions, I know a lot of the guys here from our time together with the under 18 Russian national team. Everything is of the highest level here, I am happy to join the SKA system.

Fyodor Svechkov: "The SKA system is of the highest level"

- SKA has high competition among centre forwards.

- I want to show my best ice hockey straight away. It will depend on myself and how I perform, the coaches will judge me. I'm not afraid of competition, it allows you to continue developing.

- In the 2020/2021 season, a lot of young players made their KHL debuts for SKA.

- I congratulated those players with their achievement, the first KHL match is a major event for everyone. I followed their progress, but I was focused on my own games.

- You earned 10 points while claiming the silver medal at the 2021 IIHF World U18 Championship. Are you satisfied with that result?

- Of course, we wanted to win the tournament, but silver isn't a bad result either, we worked really hard to qualify for the final. The most memorable moment was the first match against the USA, I would love to experience those emotions again!

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