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Fredrik Handemark: "I am excited for this adventure with SKA"

Pre-season trainingFredrik Handemark
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Fredrik Handemark: "I am excited for this adventure with SKA"

SKA forward Fredrik Handemark:

- Welcome to Russia! Have you been here before?

- Yes, I spent a few days in Moscow in the past when playing in international tournaments for Sweden. I've never been to Saint Petersburg, though, so I'm looking forward to this adventure.

- Did you watch KHL matches in the past? You have previously only played in Sweden and the NHL.

- I played against the Russians a lot for Sweden, and I also watched a few KHL games on Swedish television. It's a good league with high-quality players, SKA are a top team so hopefully it will be a fun, victorious year.

- Do you know SKA's fellow Swedish players?

- I played with Lars Johansson and Malte Stromwall for the national team, but I hadn't met with Oscar Fantenberg. Nevertheless, we've been talking all summer, and it's good to have some Swedes in the team!

- What do you expect from the KHL?

- It is a league with a lot of technical skill, so it will be tough. I'm excited for the season!

- Russia is a huge country. Are you ready for long flights to Vladivostok, for example?

- I'm ready! I like to sleep, so that should be fine.

- How was your summer?

- It was good, I travelled back from San Jose in May. I spent two months in Sweden both training and relaxing.

- This is a great time to say some words for the SKA fans!

- I'm really looking forward to meeting all of the fans and to play in front of a full building. The atmosphere will be great, hopefully we can win a lot of matches!

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