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Georgy Solyannikov: "We always strive to score a lot of goals"

Metallurg MagnitogorskGeorgy SolyannikovMetallurg Mg - SKA - 101221
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA defenseman Georgy Solyannikov:

- What was the best aspect of this match for SKA?

- Everything was good. We scored a lot of goals, something which we strive to do in every game. Unfortunately, we couldn't pick up a shutout, but we are improving all of the time.

- Five leading defensemen are currently on the sidelines. How are you continuing to play so effectively?

- We still have a lot of experienced guys in the team, especially concerning our attacking line. They help us in tough situations. I think that we're performing well.

- A lot of your young players are competing with confidence and courage. Is this down to the chemistry between the players or the goalkeeper's solid play?

- Lars gives us a lot of confidence, it's easy to play with him. He speaks a lot to the skaters in front of him. Furthermore, our mutual understanding is also improving, we're always communicating.

Georgy Solyannikov: "We always strive to score a lot of goals"

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