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Jarno Koskiranta: "I hadn't scored for a long time"

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Jarno Koskiranta: "I hadn't scored for a long time"

- It was a good game, and over the past week, we've been training intensly. We trained twice a day. At times, we felt the physical effects, but it's good that we won.

- Is it easier to play against an attack minded opponent?

- We should be prepared to play against both defensive and attacking teams. Severstal really did attack hard. In the first period, we made a lot of mistakes which allowed them to create opportunities, however Igor Shestyorkin kept us in the game.

- Speak about your wonderful goal.

- It was a fast attack, Alexander Barabanov and Nikita Gusev put together a brilliant combination play, and I scored. I hadn't scored for a long time so it was great to hit the target again.

- Is Spartak Moscow a very important opponent for you?

- Personally, I prepare for each opponents in the same manner, and Spartak is not an exception. If Spartak is an important opponent for the supporters, then it's the same for us. We want to win all matches.

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