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Jarno Koskiranta: "Saint Petersburg really felt like home for us"

Jarno Koskiranta
HC SKA press-service

- Can you remember your first match and goal for SKA?

- My first game was against Novokuznetsk on the road, I think I missed the first five matches because I had broken my hand during friendlies. My first goal was against Amur in Khabarovsk, Joakim Lindstrom shot the puck and I deflected it in.

- What were the most memorable moments of your SKA career?

- Of course, winning the KHL Gagarin Cup is the best moment. I will never forget that feeling and the happiness in the following days. My most important goal has to be the equaliser against Lokomotiv in the playoffs with only 10 seconds left.

- Are you satisfied with your time spent in Saint Petersburg?

- I am very happy with the five years I spent with SKA and in Saint Petersburg, it really felt like home for us.

- The 2019/2020 season came to an abrupt halt. Do you feel that SKA could have become KHL champions?

- It's sad that we couldn't finish the season, we were in really good shape and I think that we were favourites to win the cup.

- Will you share your secret about being able to tip the puck so well?

- I don't share this information! Maybe someone can play with the big blade I had on my stick, that will help.

- Do you have some words for Saint Petersburg's fans?

- Like I said before, keep rocking the Ice Palace to keep it the loudest stadium in the KHL. You guys really are the sixth player for us. Also, it's a big boost to see you always supporting us at away games, no matter how far away the matches are.

Jarno Koskiranta: "Saint Petersburg really felt like home for us"

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