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Jarno Koskiranta: "It was important to win today"

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Jarno Koskiranta: "It was important to win today"

- Is this an important goal for you?

- Of course. This is the start of the season, and all of us need to feel the rhythm. It was a difficult game, and it was important for us to win.

- SKA scored two powerplay goals. Were the tactics changed?

- We tried to shoot more and crash the net harder. It worked.

- Did the start of the second period knock SKA off course?

- Jokerit always try to start periods actively. I think they were helped by the fact that the ice wasn't fully cleaned: the puck bounced more and it was to their advantage. We should learn from this situation and move on.

- How much luck was involved in you goal?

- No luck, only hard work.

- Are matches against Jokerit important for you?

- Yes, of course. I know all of their guys, it motivates me to play better.

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